Float packages

A Float Package will give you the pleasure of even more benefits of floating at Koan Float. The more frequently you float, the greater the float effects are. Almost all of our guests notice that they unwind faster and better the second time around. Your body and mind are better acclimatized to the surroundings and the water, which speeds up reaching a state of deep relaxation.

Some prepaid cards are for one specified person only and have a set expiry date. The more sessions you order, the cheaper the rate.

Do you already have a Koan Float Membership Card? In that case, you will receive an extra discount and, in addition, you can save up for free float sessions. You can buy a prepaid card now online using the table below.

Float packages:

* Name bound – valid 1 month

* Not name bound – valid 6 months

* Not name bound – valid 12 months


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