Student rates and other special rates


Koan Float offers special rates for companies, patients and students

Student rates in off-peak hours:

Floating is ideal for students; in a relatively short space of time floating can produce many positive effects. Research has shown, for instance, that floating can also improve your memory, learning performance, ability to concentrate and creativity.

In off-peak hours on Mondays to Thursdays in the morning from 9.30 AM till 1.00 PM and in the evening from 10 PM till 11 PM, we offer students float sessions at attractive cut-price rates.

Using the “Book now” button you can make a reservation now for one of the time slots above. Underneath the shopping basket, click the button “Membership & Discounts” and fill in the special code “STUDENT”. The system automatically charges the student rate. Please don’t forget to take your valid student card (with photo) with you to Koan Float.

Student Discounts Off Peak:


The entire company healthy and relaxed:

Would you like to know more about the special rates your company or your colleagues can get for floating and massage? By arrangement, you and your colleagues (or other large groups) can be issued with a personalized Koan Float Membership Card for a very attractive discount price. You can top up this card with credit to any amount you wish before using it. In addition, you will be given a considerable discount whenever you order 6 or more gift cards. Simply get in touch with us and ask us about the possibilities.
Frequent floating improves, among other things, the ability to concentrate & memory. Furthermore, it strengthens the immune system and increases resilience. Floating can considerably reduce absence through sickness among employees. Click here for more info about the effects of floating.

Special floating rates for patients:

Floating is not just relaxing, but it is first and foremost very healthy. It can aid the healing process of various illnesses. Floating can help relieve other ailments and symptoms, such as high blood pressure or pain in muscles and joints. Do you suffer from a particular disorder or syndrome such as rheumatism, arthritis or fibromyalgia? Please get in touch with us. By arrangement, and on showing a recently signed doctor’s letter, you will receive a discount on your float sessions/subscription.


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