Energetic massage

During an energetic massage the masseur works on the muscles as well as on the energy flow in your body. This energy is constantly in motion because of the influence of Yin & Yang polarity, but it can be knocked out of balance. The long-term effects of this imbalance can lead to physical and emotional problems, (serious) fatigue and even to illness.
The masseur starts working intuitively using various techniques, depending on what you wish or what your body needs. You will be asked to feel the effect your breathing and the massage has on your body. This makes you aware of the tensions in your body.
Not only will you relax physically, but your mind will also unwind. Feelings may be unleashed, helping to restore balance in the body, mind and emotions. Once the energy starts flowing again you will notice that you literally and figuratively feel more ‘at home’ in yourself.


In the heart of Amsterdam

Koan Float“Float- & Massagecentre”Herengracht 3211016 AW Amsterdam
T+31 20 555 0 333Einfo@koanfloat.nl

Open every day

We are open from Monday to Sunday from 9.30 AM to 11 PM.

You are welcome during opening hours for more information, and/or for making a reservation.