Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is a unique time for a woman, but it takes a heavy toll on the body as well. Hormone regulation radically changes; pressure in the pelvic area impedes the flow of blood and lymph and tenses muscles. Skin and ligaments become stretched.

Some women suffer from: tension in the neck and back, pelvic complaints, fatigue, swelling from a build-up of fluid and tension (unconscious) prior to the approaching childbirth. It is particularly important to occasionally focus attention on your inner needs and consciously experience your pregnant body. A pregnancy massage is always geared to suit your specific needs.

At Koan Float we use a special pregnancy massage table. It has cut-outs for the tummy and the breasts so you can lie comfortably on your stomach, while most pregnant women have no longer been able to lie that way for quite some time. The support strap under the pregnancy table is adjusted to fit the tummy perfectly. In addition, the table is covered with a special soft warm fabric.

The massage stimulates the saturation and removal of lymph and waste, and releases natural calming elements that help to reduce back and pelvic complaints and which furthermore give a feeling of well-being. Pregnancy massage can also be given using the Shiatsu technique or with an Aqama cushion.

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Marinka Hoeberichts

Classic Relaxation, Rebalancing, Energetic massage (Healing), Deep Tissue, Pregnancy Massage

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Eveline Velthuijsen

Classic Relaxation, Energetic massage, Firm Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Shiatsu/futon, Shiatsu/table

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Lida Wessels

Deep Tissue massage, Energetic massage, Foot reflexology, Lymphatic drainage, Classic Relaxation, Rebalancing, Shiatsu/table, Sportmassage, Pregnancy massage

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Sanna Holdert

Classic Relaxation, Hotstone, Energetic massage, Pregnancy massage

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Gert Klink

Classic Relaxation, Hotstone, Pregnancy massage, Deep Tissue

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Prabhu Haremaker

Classic Relaxation, Rebalancing, Craniosacral Balancing, Energetic massage, Sports massage, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy massage

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Anke Birkner

Classic Relaxation, Firm massage, Hotstone, Pregnancy massage, Rebalancing, Shiatsu/futon, Thai Yoga

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Wim Alexander

Classic Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy massage

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Madeleine Schill

Classic Relaxation, Energetic Massage (healing), Pregnancy Massage, HotStone

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Wineke Onstwedder

Classic Relaxation, Manual Lymph drainage, Deep Tissue, Hotstone, Sportmassage, Pregnancy massage

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Annelies van der Heyden

Classic Relaxation, Deep Tissue, HotStone, Sport Massage, Pregnancy Massage

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Sacha de Vink

Classic Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Hotstone, Pregnancy Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Energetic Massage

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Astrid Sneekes

Classic Relaxation, Pregnancy Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Energetic Massage, Shiatsu, Foot Reflexology

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Margit Kars

Classic Relaxation, Pregnancy massage, Aqama, Deep Tissue

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Frances Walker

Classic Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy massage

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Rabiya Lamers

Classic Relaxation, Cranio-sacral Balancing, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy massage, Rebalancing, Energetic massage

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