When you receive an Aqama massage you lie face upwards on an Aqama cushion filled with hot water. From this position the masseur will then massage the back of your body using specially developed strokes of the hand. The hands move between your skin and the cushion.

The heat from the cushion helps the circulation of blood, which in turn accelerates the metabolism and eliminates waste products more effectively. It improves elasticity of the connective tissue and the joint capsule, eases tension in the muscles and calms the nervous system.

People in good health (including expectant mothers, babies and toddlers) as well as people suffering from joint pain or muscle complaints can benefit tremendously from this method. A massage that is given with you lying on your stomach, which is the usual way for classical massage and sports massage, is often problematic for people suffering from pain in the back, neck or shoulders and for pregnant women. The Aqama cushion adjusts to the body, however, ensuring that you are always lying comfortably.

It is highly recommended for people who find it difficult to relax.

Please note: Due to the preparation of the warm water pillow, the effective massage time for this massage is 55 minutes instead of 60 minutes.

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Josta Raapis-Dingman

Classic Relaxation, Aqama, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Foot Reflexology

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Margit Kars

Classic Relaxation, Pregnancy massage, Aqama, Deep Tissue

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